An old weathered deck, with a small footprint, needed a facelift. Owners were looking for an open, yet private outdoor environment that was visually 'interesting'.

To create an open feel, tinted glass was installed instead of railings. This creative concept is known only to T. Robert's Construction customers', being the crew's 'signature touch' for decks. The lattice fence offers privacy and prevents falls to the lower landscape. Existing stone bolders were incorporated into the decking. This not only increases the deck footprint, but gives the visual appeal they were looking for.

A cedar deck and a custom stairwell which went beyond the customer's expectations.

This customer was looking to add more year round living space to their home. T. Robert's Construction knew just how to achieve thier goal.

By utilizing the already poured concrete foundation a year round screened in patio, was designed. Equipped with screen panels that are easily removed and replaced with glass panels for the colder months, baseboard heat and beautiful slate flooring which flowed nicely from the patio area to the outside walkway. Then to make best use of thier new space, an upper-level balcony, off the master bedroom suite, was built above the new screened in patio.

These homeowners now can wake up each morning and view Long Island Sound from their new master bedroom balcony or watch the snow fall in their new heated patio. Either way, T. Robert's Construction delivered just what the customer was looking to achieve; more year round living space.

A beautiful home with an average deck. A new deck was designed with both entertainment and visual impact in mind.

Wow, this 2,000 sq.ft. multi-level outdoor living space is truly a piece of art. To start, three types of cedar where used to construct this deck. White cedar decking is unblemished, by securing from below, using Deck-Master™ flooring system. Red cedar was used for the railings and ruff-sawn red cedar for the built in planters. Features of this deck include a fully functional Viking kitchen surrounded with imported Mexican tiles, a Thermo-Spa hot tub, an octogonal sitting area, built in benches throughout, flower planters, with timed watering system for both the upper and lower perimeter, thirty (30) stair rising features, and bronze tinted glass built into the railing for an unobstructed view of the pond below. The exterior planters were designed to minimize the "visual height" issue of such a grand deck.

With a fully functional kitchen, hot tub, a view of planted flowers everywhere you turn with the pond in the background, relaxing and enjoying family and friends will always be welcomed.

5/4" x 6" white cedar flooring with bronze tinted saftey glass built into the railing system was the perfect answer to these customers looking to achieve an open view to the water.

This customer was looking for an open feeling deck. The railing constructed of copper piping was just what this customer had envisioned.

A brick patio with very little privacy was not exactly what these customers had in mind for a relaxing outdoor living area.

All the brick was removed, and a new patio was ready to take form. Constructed with pressure treated framing and decking finished entirely with composite materials all this patio needed was a few custom built-ins. A cedar privacy fence with an arched door, a BBQ area with ceramic tiles, multiple sitting areas, and built in planters made this new patio come to life.

All the elements the customer was looking for has been achieved. Even the bilco door was made to fit right into the design.

Your basic small footprint deck, with not much pizzaz. T. Robert's Construction took the challenge to make this deck unique.

With a full radius on one end of the deck it was a welcome challenge to soak and bend the railing and framing into an extraordinary design piece. a perfect fit.

Now, these homeowners have the unique deck they envisioned. A lot can come true when you hire T. Robert's Construction to fix up your home.

T. Robert's Construction was called upon to fix a job which another construction crew had started and was not what the customers had envisioned.

With the foresight of a multi-level, maintenance free and open appeal the T. Robert's crew went right to work. They tore down the existing work and designed a beautiful area full of light and views of their pool by using tinted glass. Large columns were added outside the front door to create a grand appearance while walking up to the deck from an arched bridge which overlooks a water feature. As an added bonus, the railings were set up from the decking to ensure easy sweeping.

What a difference. Now these homeowners can walk up to their house in style, sit and enjoy the open, bright feeling and keep an eye on the children at the pool.

A wrap around deck with three stairwells so you never feel trapped. The white railings bring brightness and a clean look, while the mix of stained and painted stairs make a visually interesting combination and calls upon you to walk right up and enjoy.
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