A Basement Bar
The homeowners had just finished off their basement, and called T. Robert's Construction to design the final touch; a fully functional bar. Equipped with cabinets, refrigerator and a bar back.

The bar rail was hand drilled, counter-bored, laged and plugged to ensure the grain, of this 6" solid oak rail, flowed evenly around the entire bar.

Cedar faced tounge-n-groove, with a 2" thick granite counter and custom designed hanging task lights makes this bar the entertaining area of the house!

Deck Flower Planters
Left Image: Built with cedar and bronze tinted glass, a great look and safety is combined. The added bonus to this homeowner is she'll be able to see her plants from the yard as well as the deck!

Right Image: This seating area and planter is a great combination. Stained to match the composite material of the decking, they blend in for a seemless look.

Interior Benches
Left Image: A custom made seating area with functionality. There's hide away storage underneath! A perfect place to sit and see the ocean view.

Right Image: This customer was looking for an dinette area. T. Robert's Construction designed and hand built the bench seating and pedestals for the granite tabel top. Granite was selected to compliment the existing kitchen counters, creating a pleasant transitional flow, between the two rooms.

Exterior Stairwells
Right Image: These stairs lead you to an arched bridge, made of composite material, over looking a water feature with fish.

Left Image: The challenge for these stairs was the overall distance from the deck to the ground. To compensate, a platform feature was added. This gave the stairs style, and reduced the dramatic downhill effect you would otherwise have.

Bottom Images: Here we recreated the turn of the century look. Each knewl post and every balaster was hand crafted by the crew. The stairs and porch match the house style and time period, perfectly.

Interior Stairwell
Stairs are needed to access the upstairs office area.

A custom designed spiral staircase was installed. The stunning oak railing mixed with white painted steel balasters offer a remarkable blend of materials.

The customer is not only happy to have stairs to the office, but they have turned into the focal point of the house!

An Irish Pub
This bar was designed to have an Irish Pub feeling. Features include solid oak hand-fluted trim boards, slate tile flooring, refrigerator, sink, bar back, storage areas, cabinets and a hidden garbage can! The eurothane finish counter top is perfect for easy clean-up and durability.

Master Bedroom Walk-in Closet
A moderate size room off the master bedroom suite, was dark and unorganized. The homeowners envisioned a closet for their clothes with plenty of storage space, and make-up area.

A new window, to achieve natural illumination, and baseboard heat was added to the room. Hand routered solid oak was used throughout to ensure an extraordinary look and feel. This custom closet offers shelving for folded clothing, a bar for hanging clothes, an open area above for hats, and a very unique angled shoe rack along the underside. The most impressive is the hand built vanity, equipped with custom hardware, lighting, GFI plug and foot rest! All was stained and polyurethane applied for protection.

This closet went beyond the homeowners imagination. It holds the key to organization, and leaves them room to expand their wardrobe.

Kitchen Serving Counter
A visually dense brick counter with Formica top, was not offering the warm, inviting kitchen feeling these homeowners were after. T. Robert's Construction was asked to create a soft, natural and functional serving area.

After the old counter was demolished and a fresh working area was infront of them, the crew started building the framework for this soon to be stunning workspace. Tongue-n-groove cedar was the material of choice, banded with solid oak trim and topped with ceramic tiles! Both the kitchen and living room side have a display case with sliding glass doors and low voltage lighting for accent. Hand-made doors with petwer hardware, for hiding essential kitchen necessities was a welcomed addition to the kitchen side as well.

This kitchen is now warm and cozy, using natural materials and soothing low lighting. It is practicle, and allows the homeowner to display personal items. The best of both worlds!

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