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Choosing the right company to handle your graphic design requirements can sometimes be a tough choice - because too often you do not know what to
expect before the relationship begins.

This is where Greenhouse Graphics, LLC. is different. We encourage you to:

    • Ask questions
    • Talk to us via phone or email to see if we "connect"
    • Examine our graphic design portfolio to see if our design style
      fits you and your business
    • By all means...ask for references!
    • Anything that will help you select the designer that is right for you -
      whether it is hiring Greenhouse Graphics, LLC. or not.

Once you feel comfortable asking Greenhouse Graphics, LLC. to solve your marketing woes, here is how the overall procedure works:

  1. We have a free initial consultation meeting.
    • Greenhouse Graphics, LLC. will either come to your place of business or the meeting can be held via phone (this is dependant upon where you are located in relation to us).
    • We discuss what your marketing woe is, what the end result would accomplish, and any ideas, requirements or concerns you may have.
    • We discuss whether or not Greenhouse Graphics, LLC. will be handling
      the printing of the final piece(s), and if so the printing specifications.
    • It is helpful to supply Greenhouse Graphics, LLC. with as much physical information (i.e. content, images, etc) as you can during this initial meeting. This will help us to provide you an accurate cost proposal.
  2. A cost proposal is prepared.
    After the initial consultation, Greenhouse Graphics, LLC. will review all the physical information received and notes from the meeting. A cost proposal
will be prepared and emailed to you in PDF format.
  3. A deposit is obtained.
    After reviewing the cost proposal and all questions are answered; approve the cost proposal by mailing Greenhouse Graphics, LLC. a signed copy along with 30% of the overall design cost to initiate the design process.
  4. Initial design sent for review.
    Once the deposit and approved signed cost proposal is received, Greenhouse Graphics, LLC. will start working on the initial layout of your projects' design.
A PDF will be emailed to you for review and comments.
  5. Revise design until approved.

Greenhouse Graphics, LLC. will revise the design, using your feedback and mutually agreed changes, until you are completely satisfied.

Please note: If the revisions become overly excessive, additional design time charges will occur. If this situation seems likely Greenhouse Graphics, LLC. will notify you so you are aware of this - we will not just add on additional design expenses to your final invoice without your prior knowledge.

  6. Design approved.
    • Once the design is approved and if Greenhouse Graphics, LLC. is to handle the printing, the project files will be prepared and delivered to the printer. Printing usually takes approximately 7 to 10 business days.
    • If you are handling your own printing, Greenhouse Graphics, LLC. will prepare and mail a CD with the appropriate project files for you to bring to your own printer.
  7. Final transaction.
    • Greenhouse Graphics, LLC. will deliver your final printed materials to you when they are ready. Upon delivery, the balance of the design and all associated printing fees are due.
    • If you are handling your own printing, the final invoice will be sent with the CD for your printer; with the invoice balance due with NET 10 day terms.
    • In either above case; upon receipt of final payment, Greenhouse Graphics, LLC. will mail you a CD of your projects' design files for your records.

The above process is the basic procedure. Since each client and project is unique there may be additional meetings required, or elements added or removed - Greenhouse Graphics, LLC. works with you to make the entire process enjoyable
and rewarding.


Greenhouse Graphics, LLC. where the design process is enjoyable!
Why? Because this is where ideas (and relationships) GROW!

Take the first step (it won't hurt - I promise!) and...



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